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Men’s Journal named our Common Grounds Festival as one of the best craft beer festivals in the U.S. Take a peak at the article linked below and join us next year!

Put on by Commonwealth Brewing Company, Common Grounds makes its mark in a few ways. For one, it includes an overnight campout, bringing together brewers and beer fans in nature. It also celebrates collaborations. The beers here are limited releases you may not find anywhere else.

“Common Grounds Beer Festival and camp night was created to celebrate the unique camaraderie that exists in the craft beer industry by focusing on friendships and collaboration in the industry,” says Commonwealth founder and head brewer Jeramy Biggie. “We bring passionate, independent breweries to Virginia Beach from around the world and offer them on-site cabin accommodations and even work with Billabong Surf Camp to provide a surf lesson to all participating brewers on the morning of the festival.

For festival goers, it provides an opportunity to try one-time-only beers from their favorite breweries they’ve never tasted. After the festival, we host a large bonfire. It’s an intimate, unique experience for craft-beer lovers and creates a direct connection between the brewers and festival goers.”

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